Liz Hathway is a Welsh born astrologer who has been passionate about astrology since she was a teenager. Initially an autodidact, Liz went on to study astrology at the Cosmos in Amsterdam, gained her diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, studied horary with John Frawley, and went on to do a masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Trinity College St. David, University of Wales, Lampeter.

Liz has written a popular Dutch language blog since 2006, which in 2018 was recognized as of significant interest to future researches in the field of social and cultural history by the Dutch National Library, and will be preserved for posterity.

Liz has written for many Dutch national newspapers and has often appeared on Dutch television and radio. She has lectured extensively within the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in the UK and India.

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With Saturn in her home sign Capricorn, Liz felt the time was ripe to get back to her roots, so in 2018, she began an English language vlog, and more recently has become an agent of the CIA: the Cosmic Intelligence Agency.

In the course of the last forty years, Liz has worked on thousands of horoscopes and it is the combination of technical skill, knowledge and rich life experience that makes an astrological consult with Liz meaningful. If you would like to book an astrology sessionĀ contact Liz for an appointment