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My name is Elizabeth (Liz) Hathway and I provide bespoke astrological services. Working with me, involves engaging in a creative, dynamic approach to astrology.

A little bit of information about myself:

I am currently based in Amsterdam, but my roots lie in South Wales. I have been passionate about astrology since reading Linda Goodman as a teenager. In the last forty years I have studied with world class astrologers such as Liz Greene, Bernadette Brady, John Frawley, Nick Campion to mention just a few. I am a Qualified Horary Craftswoman and use these skills to select opportune moments for clients to act propitiously. I hold the coveted diploma from the oldest astrological teaching institute in the world, The Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. I am also a Master of Arts with distinction, in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales in Lampeter. An abridged version of my thesis on Saturn was published in 2019, in the International Journal for the for the Study of Nature, Religion and Culture. (For other academic writing, please visit my page on

In 2006 I started a popular Dutch language astrology blog – where you will find many English language articles. This site was recognized in 2018 by the Dutch National Library as a website of significant interest to future researches in the field of social and cultural history. I feel honored that my astrological musings will be preserved in the national archive. I have also written for Dutch national newspapers and appeared on Dutch television and radio. I run workshops in Amsterdam, teach an online Dutch language astrology course and I have lectured extensively within the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in the UK and India. This is my first English language website.

 I have a long standing interest in astrological magic and talisman making. The stole I am wearing on the left, was actually painted during the ‘1999 Grand Cross Eclipse‘. For me the idea of engaging with the energy is so important. During the recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction, I used shamanic drumming to engage with the exact moment that Saturn passed ahead of Pluto in the zodiac. I filmed the ritual, please feel free to email me if you would like a copy of the digital file – its free of charge. More recently I have engaged with other astrologers/artists engaged with ritual in groups or on occasion on a larger public stage. This link will take you to a Vimeo interview I had with astrologer Sonal Sachdeva on astrological talisman making, made during the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s conference on astrological magic in 2013.

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    • Thomas on 18 March 2022 at 13:31

    Hi Liz,

    I’m Thomas a Scottish Astrologer. I saw an advert for your Pluto in Aquarius on the 23rd March. Could you please let me know where it is based, as I’m trying to find and meet like minded people. This would be of great benefit to me. I have a lot of knowledge and ideas of my own about the Stellar Fires of the Heavens’.

    I’ve been studying on my own like the Hermit. Fully embracing the whole underlying meaning of the card. Yeah so it would be great if I could join this function and enjoy the talks of Astrology. Where I live people have no clue about Astrology, but I really want to change that. I have aa deep knowing that I’m meant for something, it’s not a fantasy or a delusion as I’ve had experiences I still can’t explain especially during certain transits. If you’d like to see my Natal Chart it’s on Astroseek and my username is StelleLuce. I really hope to hear from you Liz as I see hope and greater things to come.

    Take care,
    Much love and many thanks,

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