David Bowie: Station to Station

Hi Astrology Lovers,

I am just making a very quick post to pick up on something I mentioned in my weekly YouTube film. While discussing the Sun/Uranus square, I mentioned an album of David Bowie which was hugely influential both in terms of his career and in terms of music in general. This little citation is taken from Wikipedia ‘

‘Station to Station was a milestone in Bowie’s transition to his late 1970s ‘Berlin Trilogy‘. Bowie himself has said of the album, “As far as the music goes, Low and its siblings were a direct follow-on from the title track”,[36] while Brian Eno opined that Low was “very much a continuation from Station to Station“.[65] It has also been described as “enormously influential on post-punk

The album was released precisely a year ago today, which makes this post even more timely!  In the release horoscope, the Sun in Aquarius -is just past its opposition with Saturn which is in a critical, or anaretic degree, 29+ Cancer. Bowie was a Capricorn, and Saturn about to change sign, fits in with the idea that Bowie is about to enter a new phase in his career.  In fact, the album introduced a new sinister Bowie persona, ‘the Thin White Duke’. This was a very druggy phase of Bowie’s life, at the time, he was very heavily into cocaine.  I would actually consider Saturn to be in a square aspect with Uranus in this chart, even though Uranus is in 6 degrees 59 Scorpio.  Why? Well, when the album was being recorded between September and November 1975, Saturn had dipped into Leo and was squaring  Uranus in Scorpio throughout the entire process. Here’s another quote from Wikipedia on the music itself, which gives a sense of the way the Saturn/Uranus square is expressing itself, through the exploration of new musical territory.

“Bowie, “I got some quite extraordinary things out of Earl Slick. I think it captured his imagination to make noises on guitar, and textures, rather than playing the right notes.”[17] Alomar recalled, “It was one of the most glorious albums that I’ve ever done … We experimented so much on it”.[16] Maslin added, “I loved those sessions because we were totally open and experimental in our approach”.[3]

Anyway. Here is the Station to Station noon horoscope (NB: Bowie was born under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo, & the transiting Saturn/Uranus square was tied up with his own Saturn return… quite some coming of age. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo allowed Bowie to continually re-invent himself). Under the horoscope posted below,  you will find the YouTube vlog in question.