Reflecting on Neptune’s Stations

On Monday June 27th, Neptune stationed retrograde in 25 degs 27 Pisces. This station was in a loose square to Mercury in Gemini – which becomes exact today (2 July). Like all the outers, when Neptune stations it hangs around in a specific degree for days at a time and so impresses its presence upon us in profound ways.

The overturning of Roe vs Wade (24 June 2022, 10.00 – Supreme Court, District of Columbia) carries the hallmark of Neptune in Pisces. The new ruling makes victims of millions of women in the US (and those who are poor will suffer the most). The amniotic fluid, the water of life, an inflicted trauma, a shared (political) experience, feelings of anger and outrage which will unite women across the globe. Neptune loves a political cause, a cross to bear, and on both sides of the divide (Pisces is a mutable/double sign) people will surge forward to attack and defend this decision.

A second example of quite how devastating Neptune’s stations can be, involves some of the most vulnerable people on our planet. I am of course referring to the enormous loss of life in the back of a swelteringly hot truck, near San Antonio last Monday. Fifty three human beings like fish out of water, trapped in the back of this vehicle, exchanged the earthly for the eternal. Many years ago during an extremely stressful period, I suffered from hyper-ventilation, the inability to properly fill my lungs with air, was awful. The Moon in Gemini – square Neptune in the discovery of the bodies horoscope – see below – speaks volumes Miraculously, a small number of people survived, children and young people mainly, traumatized for the rest of their lives. Neptune has an affinity with lost souls, these people died without dignity, and are little more than numbers, invisible victims in the global human trafficking trade

But Neptune also allows us to connect, to re-connect, to offer thanks, to say a prayer, to light a candle, to participate in imaginary ways in acts of remembrance. I have done all of these things these last days. A dear friend burying her brother, a dog walking friend who I have missed these last weeks, and I just yesterday discovered is incurably ill. Under the tidal wave of a Neptune station we can get swept away. We need to stay grounded. We need to keep solid ground under our feet.