Reflections on Donald Trump’s horoscope and re-election chances

Reflections on Donald Trump’s horoscope and re-election chances

Donald Trump was born with Mercury and Pluto ‘out-of-bounds’. A planet is considered OOB when it has a declination that exceeds 23 degrees 27 minutes, either North or South of the celestial equator. Such a planet is likely to express itself in a renegade, highly original way. Mercury in DT’s horoscope is in emotional, moody, defensive Cancer, and it is the ruler of Trump’s Sun, North Node and Uranus. Mercury OOB is ‘off the map’ and in Cancer it uses feeling and emotions to find its way. DT’s Mercury is square to Neptune, which on the plus side bestows the ability to tune into the feeling life of the collective, but on the negative side, can manifest as seemingly irrational, moody or emotional behaviour. 

Note: The Sibly horoscope also has Mercury in Cancer and it is conjunct with DT’s Saturn/Venus in Cancer. Venus is the planet that rules DT’s midheaven, so as you would expect, there is some excellent synastry going on here.

Now Pluto:

DT’s OOB Pluto is unaspected in his 12th house (the house of hidden enemies and self-undoing), which in my view goes some way to explain why DT’s is often accused of playing the victim.  This does feel a bit like a karmic hangover to me. DT was born on a lunar eclipse and his pre-natal (PN) solar eclipse –which fell on May 30th in 8 deg Gemini 48 –  falls in his 10th house. DT already has natal Uranus, the North Node and the Sun in the 10th house, so the area of work and career which is already clearly spot lighted, is given even further importance by this PN eclipse.  In a workshop I did with Georgia Statis over the PNE, she referred to the PNE as both a gift and a blind spot.  Say what you will about DT – his career has been a roller coaster ride – with ups and downs and everything in between. His blind spot, with an un-aspected, OOB Pluto encourages risk taking coupled with an inability to see consequences, this can ultimately lead to self-defeating behaviour. Interestingly, the position of the Moon in the lunar eclipse that falls on November 30th this year, falls almost exactly on Donald Trump’s 10th house pre-natal eclipse. This lunar eclipse also falls across the ascendant/descendant axis in the Sibly horoscope of the United States, making it a particularly tense eclipse for the Sibly chart. Why? Well the eclipsed Moon (the people in mundane astrology) falls on Sibly Uranus. Take a look at the horoscope below. S

Though eclipses are not necessarily negative indicators, they can quite simply shine a spotlight on an area of the horoscope, however, having said that, eclipses do have an unpredictable quality to them, often signifying disruption as events take an unexpected turn.  There is a big spotlight on DT’s job in the build up to this eclipse. DT has the North Node in his 10th house and around the time of the November election, he will be experiencing his Nodal Return. In the light of the above, it is hard not to see the hand of destiny at work here. Hard to believe, but the Moon on Nov. 3rd in the horoscope that normally signals the start of the ‘physical’ election (00.00 hours Dixville, Notch, New Hampshire) also has the Moon in 9degrees 27 Gemini – triggering Donald Trump’s PNE degree.

Then there is that heavy weight transiting trio of planets in Capricorn which are clearly making life difficult for the current President. In particular Saturn opposite to DT’s midheaven ruler Venus can be coupled with a disappointment, setbacks, or trials and tribulations connected to status. If he should win – then it will be very interesting to see what revelations will come to light when Pluto opposes Venus throughout most of 2021.

In previous posts over this election (posted on Facebook under Liz Hathway Astrologer), I said I believed Biden could win it. Why? Well, among other indicators, one stands out for me, namely the shift in the USA secondary progressed Moon, to humane sign Aquarius days before the election. The human figure of a man carrying in his urn the only sweet water in the zodiac, points, or so it seems to me, to a collective desire for a more civilized atmosphere and a need for dialogue and debate.  The Moon is an important planet in the Sibly horoscope of the US, it rules the Sun. Whether or not I am backing the right horse… remains to be seen.

Liz Hathway Astrologer