Upcoming New Moon in Aquarius Reminiscent of the 1962 Mega Aquarius Stellium

Look out for Thursday’s New Moon !

Great line up in Aquarius this week. So… Just a little extra on the 1962 mega eclipse in Aquarius, which had all the traditional 7 planets in this sign. It seems to me to have been related to the space race, the Ranger Three mission for example, was launched in 1962 with 6 planets in Aquarius. That ability to rise ourselves up has been fundamental in human development. The ankles are ruled by Aquarius, and it is the ankle that enabled humans to stand up and walk, whereby freeing up the hands for new tasks and in the process, activating new areas of the brain. Similarly when we travelled into space, saw our own planet for the first time, once again our consciousness expanded. Aware of the vulnerability of our planet Earth, we set about trying to preserve and protect her. With all these planets in Aquarius… what can we rise up and see ? Where can we expand our own consciousness and see things through new eyes?

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