2023: Upcoming events with Elizabeth (Liz) Hathway

On August 3rd I will be giving the following talk for the Aquarius Severn Astrology Group.

The discovery of Pluto : Herstory – What would Persephone say?

The first planet to be discovered in the New World, Pluto’s emergence into collective consciousness has been associated with the splitting of the atom, the nuclear age, the rise of fascism, and to the criminal underworld, the mafia. However the planets arrival is also connected with an unheard voice, which I refer to as Persephone’s. As Pluto himself emerged, so did SHE. ‘Beauty in a jar’, beauty as power, androgynous women and in England the emergence of the sacred feminine and the Goddess Movement, the discovery horoscope of Pluto also points to a re-emergence of the feminine – a validation of female spirituality, sexuality and a validation of feminine political power.. In this talk, Liz will look at Pluto’s discovery from a different perspective.

The group has a newsletter with information on all talks and I believe my talk will be made available on-line for free post event.

On August 8th I will be giving a talk for ISAR UK. It appears the website is down – so I will add the link later. From 7pm UK time

The Ninth House: Dreams, Visons and Visionaries

In astrology, the ninth house is most commonly associated with higher learning, religion, beliefs, philosophy and more generally, the search for meaning. One of the least explored facets of the ninth house relates to dreams, visions and divination in general. In this talk, Liz will take us on a deep dive into the history of the ninth house and will consider the importance once given to dreams as the most reliable means of contacting the divine. In this talk, expect to find out more about famous dreams and those who dreamed them.

On Saturday 14th October, I will be lecturing at the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s annual conference at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire. All talks are also available as an online package – so do check out the AA website. Looking forward to this talk ..which concludes just 24 minutes before a solar eclipse in 22 degrees Libra. This eclipse falls in my 12 house.

Letting out the Light
‘Out of what storm of darkness .. came this incandescent stone’. Tales of iconic diamonds, gems, curses, fascination and thievery. Why do we love jewels so and what mysteries do they hold ? An astrological journey into the fascinating world of rocks, crystals and gem stones.

Liz Hathway, Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (with distinction), DFAstrolS, Qualified Horary Craftswoman (Frawley school) is an independent researcher with a special interest in rituals, sacred space, shamanism, magic and transformation.