2020: Upcoming events with Elizabeth (Liz) Hathway

April 2020:
Saturnus conjunct Pluto webinar: zondag 5 april (Nederlandstalige webinar: voor meer informatie klik)

May 2020:
Earth and Sky: How the Aquarian Age is manifesting here on Earth.

Webinar on May 23rd, Cosmic Intelligence Agency New Frontiers Online Astrology Symposium. 

August 2020:

Wednesday August 26th  “Workshop on Creating Astrological Shrines: How can astrology be used within a domestic setting to bring a little magic into our daily lives?”
Thursday August 27th “The Saturn Return: Ever Deeper into the Bone”:  In this lecture, based on a Masters Dissertation paper, the Saturn Return will be presented as a form of modern day enchantment which marks significant transitional moments in astrologers’ lives.
Thursday August 27th “Anarchy in the UK: Punk, the astrology of rock and roll’s wayward child”
Friday August 28th “Transits of Regulus and Pluto: the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine’

Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School, Oxford University, Oxford – 21 to 28 August 2020. Lectures & Workshop with Elizabeth (Liz) Hathway

October 2020

DJOJ in Rotterdam – 4e Nationale Astrodag – zondag 4 oktober 2020
“Hoe kennen we Saturnus – als schurk of als anti-held?” een door ritueel geinspireerde workshop (in het licht van het coronavirus, is de link en alle informatie nog niet zichtbaar op de website van)