I post a weekly ‘astrological take on week ahead’ on my YouTube channel: Astrovizier.┬áThis is a selection of some of them.

“In this vlog, I briefly give my thoughts on the great eclipse. When viewed symbolically, the eclipse line seems to demarcate North and South within the US. In view of recents events in Charlottesville, I think that the racial dilemma in the USA – represents a far deeper problem than that of the leadership of Donald Trump. The solar principle is being eclipsed – the Moon is temporarily in the driving seat: the Moon is about the people, or when viewed on a more personal level, our deepest memories and feelings. With Venus in Cancer – opposite Pluto – attachment seems to be coupled with the reality of loss or separation. When viewed positively however, the Venus aspects (including the Venus /Jupiter square) can show us how pain can ground us in a sense of what is, and can allow us to enjoy the richness of the moment – precisely because of its transitory nature. Have a great week – and thanks for listening. Liz”

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